Supercali is dedicated to teaching English through play to all age groups.

Our philosophy is that the best way for children to learn the language is to be exposed to it from an early age in a fun environment through creative play.
Using a variety of different methods and tools we provide a very broad array of activities each one designed to cater for your child’s needs and talents. Your child will feel welcomed, safe and valued in our center.

You'll Never be bored when you try something new. There's really No limit to what you can do!
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss
In every job that must be done There is an element of fun You find the fun and snap! The job's a game…
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins
The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn the more places you'll go
Dr. Seuss
Dr. Seuss